Our technology solutions for

which boost
your event.

We have spent years thinking about changes in the way of seeing and doing events.
This way of thinking and the new ways we communicate have led us to develop technology capable of creating apps with a life of their own...
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For the organizer

Intended to be
the perfect companion for your event.

Our apps are full of possibilities...

  • For presenting
    your event
    and all the
  • To report
    on conferences
    and talk about the
  • To count the
    that you
    intend to do.
  • To make
    press releases
    and edit
  • To show
    an interactive
    of the event.
  • In addition, all
    the information
    is updated
    in real time.

Now, it's your imagination which sets the limits...

For the exhibitor...

It is much more than a showcase.

Our apps are not just a place for the exhibitor to display their products and new releases, report their news and presentations; our apps offer much more:

  • A personal
    agenda to
    schedule appointments
    in advance
    of the event.
  • A simple
    system for
    collecting the
    data of
    the visits.
  • A means of
    all concerned
    of the start of a presentation...

For the visitor...

Your presentations
make it essential.

One guide for before, during and after the event...

  • You have all
    the information:
  • You can
    prepare your
    visit with
    a personal
  • An intereactive
    will inform you
    of where everyone
    and everything is.
  • You can give
    your opinion
    and to know
    what is being said
    in social networks.
  • All
    the information
    is updated
    in real time.
  • Create your own notes
    about contacts
    and summarize
    your visit
    to the event.
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Nothing short of seeing is believing.

We have told you what our apps can
do, now all you have to do is use them and you will see all their potential.
All are available for iOS and Android.