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Shows / Workshop and business center

The workshop system most widely used by event managers.

Tradeshow exhibitors and attendees expect a return on their investment. This means that show managers need to sell leads so they can sell floor space.

Xeria© gives you a highly productive agenda tool that is extremely useful for your event's business results.

One of the best features of Agenda© is the ease of setting up appointments between exhibitors and attendees way in advance.

Agenda© is very simple to use. Before an event, the exhibitors log onto a catalog, select their sector at the show, and fill in a form with their corporate details, indicating the products and services they plan to market at the event. We have set up an event catalog-search engine.

When professional attendees register for the event, the system redirects them to the catalog-search engine. This is where they can locate prospective customers and suppliers, and request interviews with exhibitors at their booths.

Exhibitors receive the appointment request and can accept or dismiss it to generate an appointment.

Event managers provide buyers for business centers with specific buying preferences and compare the exhibitor and buyers' catalog-search engines to find shared interests that will generate a satisfactory appointment for both parties.