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Xpace©, is the only management solution for standard trade fair events.

General features include hosting on a server that you can access online with a username and password. You can use it for an unlimited number of users at the same time.

The app works in real time using a single database.

CRM, ERP and CAD, all in one tool.

An integrated solution for managing events, labor orders and billing, as well as CAD map management.

Xpace©, is CRM designed for events. Also available for Ipad.

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Guarantees the success of your events every time.

The Xpace© CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool allows your sales department to store the activities generated by tradeshow sales online.

The tool integrates your company's databases so you have all relevant information in one location. Segment it by sectors to keep track of your tradeshow leads.

Sales managers can use Xpace© to keep vital records of visits to customers, phone calls and meetings. Use it for emailing. Weigh business opportunities with the likelihood of closing them into orders. Calculate square footage of floor space, dates and costs.

The information is automatically sent to the event managers, giving them an accurate view of the sales situation instantly.

Xpace© is the tool you need to guarantee a successful event.



Easy-to use tradeshow floor plan and floor map manager.

Xpace© CAD management lets the technical department import a facilities' architectural drawings so they can draw up a floor plan. It also gives your sales force an easy way to sell and manage tradeshow booth space.

This is the only floor plan the departments involved in the event will need. It will develop further as sales get under way.

What you can do with Xpace© CAD manager:

  • Work with layers that you can hide or display.
  • Work with user-defined sectors.
  • Center the floor plan, undo and redo.
  • Insert text, draw lines, circles, ellipses, rectangles, etc.
  • Insert a booth and then align, enlarge or merge it with other modules.
  • Delete, join, divide and rotate booths.
  • Select products and services, and find them on the floor plan.

  • Use online sales to access the floor plan to see where a booth is located.
  • Access information on the module, pavilion and totals for the status, booth area, products and so on.
  • Distinguish between modular, design, exchangeable, own, etc.
  • Know instantly which booths are free, occupied or booked, as well as the square feet and percentage for each item and pavilion.
  • Tools to measure the exact distance between booths.
  • Select the desired scale to print a hard copy.



The exhibitors will be well attended

The tradeshow sector requires ERP systems tailored to their needs.

Xpace© lets your sales force make digital estimates to send to customers. The customers can accept online contracts right in their office. After the agreement is signed, the customer becomes an exhibitor and enters into contact with the exhibitor management departments. A password is automatically generated, giving exhibitors access to their private management area.

Exhibitors fill in an online labor form, decide how many square feet they need and choose the best booth space for them off the floor plan. They can also choose a modular stand instantly and pay with a credit card via a 100% secure payment terminal.

Exhibitors can visualize their booth in their web browser and see its location on the floor plan. They will have all the event's products and services right at their fingertips to hire them in real time. A customer who hires storage space, for instance, can locate it on the floor plan, see where the door is and which way it opens. Customers can also locate the power switches, water outlets, and the furniture units they will give to the companies who install the booth.

The system automatically generates a product and services billing estimate for the organizer to validate and the exhibitor to sign digitally.

This way, the billing department receives the orders accepted by the exhibitors and sends the corresponding invoices digitally via Xpace©. When an invoice is sent, the system generates a payment due date. It sends an alert on the due date and automatically sends a notification of outstanding debt.

Billing and payment management generate accounting entries that can be linked to your accounting software.


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No more misunderstandings

The orders accepted by exhibitors are linked to the generation of labor orders for the internal labor department or a series of suppliers.

Xpace© gives services and product suppliers a private area where they can visualize technical plans and labor orders of booth install. These are generated automatically, based on exhibitors' orders.

Labor orders give all the visual information, with floor plan dimensioning, that the installer will use before the event. The floor plan and databases is unique and shared, so there are no misunderstandings in the install process. Exhibitors, the organizer and suppliers share exactly the same information. The information is automatically sent to the event managers, giving them an accurate view of the sales situation instantly. Xpace© is the tool you need to guarantee a successful event. Also available for Ipad.

Labor order:

Exhibitor services:

More services available for exhibitors

Exhibitors can use their private online area to:

  • Consult orders, invoices and due dates online.
  • Enter and print tradeshow passes for their corporate staff.
  • Send digital invitations to their customers, saving trees and money.
  • Fill in the form with your company details and classify it by tradeshow sector. This information will appear in the printed catalogue and
    will be available on event website.

You can also find the following information:

  • Rules and notifications.
  • List of billing.
  • List of outstanding payments.
  • Transportation discount coupon.
  • Parking application.
  • Booth install and dismantle schedule.
  • Information on activities, seminars and conferences.
  • Workshops.