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Use an app to slip your event
into every pocket.

We live in a globalized world. Business today can be done anywhere in the world. Mobile devices provide effective solutions to the need for mobility.

Applications and systems for mobile devices are an effective response to mobility needs. They are the best platform for driving event performance. Tradeshow and conference managers can use mobile devices for instant personalized communication with the content of their event wherever the users are located.

Management staff can use applications to give instant access to their event without having to search for it online. Once an app is downloaded, it can be accessed offline. Apps can be updated by adding new features as time goes by.

All events share a common feature: they are different and unique. AtXeria© we keep this in mind to develop personalized applications for your event. We adapt our apps to your needs and target what you really want to convey. You get the full potential of these new ways of communicating.