Our technology solutions for

Shows / Credentials & Admission Control

It's not just about admission.
It's about knowing who gets admitted.

Sending out invitations and marketing announcements, pre-registration, credential management and access control have never been easier.

Standard credential management applications force users to adapt to the software's limitations.

With Ivent©, your special event features and our event experience leave you free to spend your time and effort on other organizational aspects.

We take care of everything you need to improve invitations, pre-registration, event registration and access control right from the beginning.

You will have a team of experts to guide you and the materials you need for optimal event performance.

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Before the tradeshow

Stay one step ahead

Routine tasks that need to be planned and documented before an event starts include the website, pre-registration, emailing, marketing announcements and corrections based on feedback.

It is very important that the forms for pre-registration, visitors, exhibitors, the press, speakers and VIPs are ready at the time planned, as well as any conferences, seminars, special events and payment gateway, if needed.

Xeria© simplifies the processes for all these tasks. It also provides a highly efficient tool for managing travel, transportation and hotels.

Marketing for the organizer

We meet your needs

With Xeria© we have successfully developed electronic invitations and colleague invitations for many events.

With Ivent©, marketing transactions generate results that are measured in real time. Working with predefined templates makes communication more effective.

Reports generated in real time give a more realistic idea of the overall picture, so you can make the right decisions on the fly.


Data validation

After pre-registration is set up on a website and loaded with data from previous events, the system automatically sends out the first e-mailing so attendees can change or validate their details. Attendees are registered and receive their paging code to attend the event and their
credentials in digital format (Adobe Acrobat PDF).

Benefits for exhibitors

Speeds up management

Exhibitors have the standard tools for any professional event, such as:

  • Passes for booth staff
  • Parking coupons
  • Access to the event's search engine
  • Access to the agenda and professional attendees
  • Access to the business center
  • Electronic invitations for customers and prospective customers

Benefits for professionals

Get ready for your visit

When professionals register for an event they need tools that reinforce their commitment to attend, such as:

  • Credentials in PDF at the time of registration
  • Access to the event's products search engine
  • Instant location of exhibitors on an online directory/floor plan
  • Access to the agenda to request information and appointments with exhibitors

Registration at the event

Speed at less cost

Xeria© has the tools for proper credential management with high quality data and no waiting. That means a big savings because you need only half as many hostesses.

A card, Id card and passport scanner allows you to manage the credentials of 12 attendees per post and minute. This is unthinkable with conventional credential management systems.

Access control

Instant information

Wireless readers give readings of the flow of attendees in real time for access control to the main event and secondary events.
PDAs allow you to combat access frauds.

Reports & Analyses

Analyze the results

You can go to the group of data generated in pre-registration, e-invitations, "invite a colleague", credential management at the event, access control and capacity to see standard statistics and charts. You will also find the typical data by sector, location and position. Use them to know the reactions to incentives and inputs so you can adapt to them at the next event.

You have more than 50 standard reports to choose from.